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"I like dogs. Too bad I can't afford one.
I like to browse adoption sites from time to time and pretend like I can buy a puppy if I truly wanted one
But reality always hits me several minutes later. I tell myself it's ok though, life is unfair."


Are you still here? Great!
Learn more about dogs ands puppers lmao
- - -
This site has
  • Dog videos
  • Live doggy cams
  • List of dog breeds for you to learn about
  • Animal news
  • ...and more!

  • List of Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2016
    according to this site (link says 2015 but site states 2016 lolok)
    1. Labrador Retriever
    2. German Shepherd Dog
    3. Golden Retriever
    4. Bulldog
    5. Beagle