Will the Warriors win the 2016 NBA Championship?

Let's take a look at different aspects of the Warriors' history breaking season.

The Warriors are looking to win back to back championships and are currently playing the Houston Rockets in the 1st round of the playoffs. Though it is obvious that the Warriors are currently the best team in the NBA, some people are developing doubts.The Warriors have been having a terrific season, breaking multiple NBA records, but people still say negative things. What are your opinions?

Here are some of the records that the Warriors set this year!

    1. Warriors beat the Bulls' regular season record, setting a new one at 73-9
    2. Stephen Curry made a historic 400 threes in one season
    3. Warriors set the best start in pro sports at 21-0
    4. Warriors set the best start in NBA history at 24-0
    5. Warriors are the first team in NBA history to not lose back to back games
    6. Warriors set the longest home winning streak at 54 this season
    7. Warriors also set the best road record at 34-7
    8. They are the first to not lose to a team twice this season

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