Welcome To Lily Kaufman's Humble Boudoir

A Page for Pug and Burrito Lovers, Alike!

If I had to pick my two favorite things, they would be pugs and burritos. Honestly, what in the world is more beautifully awkward than a pug?

May I also point out that no other food is as filling, satisfying or convenient to eat as a carne asada burrito with guacamole...Just saying.

Now that I think about it, pugs and burritos are kind of similar in appearance...coincidence? I think not.

These are the Top Five Reasons Why the Pug Life is the Right Life
  1. Their rolls are full of excitement
  2. Pugs always look happy
  3. They're spazzy and they know it (own your insecurities like pugs do)
  4. Their breathing problems are adorable
  5. Lastly, they were originally bred to sit on the laps of royalty.

These are the Components of a QUALITY Burrito