Lyanna Ho

Santa Clara, CA 

https://www.github.com/lyannerz | https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyanna-ho-98904b104

Education: Technology and Information Management (B.S.) — University of California, Santa Cruz  

Expected Graduation: June 2019

Technical Skills: Languages — Java, HTML, Assembly, Git, C, Python

Relevant Courses:

Introduction to Programming (Accelerated)             Introduction to Networking and the Internet

Introduction to Data Structures                                Computer Systems and Assembly Language

Personal Computer Concepts                                 Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Math

Linear Algebra                                                         Physics

Applied Discrete Mathematics                                 Introduction to Computer Networks

Business Information Systems                                Management of Technology

Current and Future Courses:

Calculus of Several Variables                                  Statistics

Systems Analysis and Design

Projects and Activities:

HackUCSC 2017 — sMirror, Programmer for Website

Alexa Hackathon 2016 — Programmer for Alexa Skills

Ericsson Event 2016 — Attendee

HackUCSC 2016 — WashTime, Programmer for iOS Application

HackingEDU 2015 — Programmer

Work History & Services:

Girls in Engineering Event 2016 — Mentor

Leadership Activities

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