How can we live in this world without music?!

Music is what heals our soul. Music is what keeps us lively!

Here is a (Martin LXM) guitar that I have and could not live without it.

Here are some interesting things about me and my guitar:

  1. I have been playing guitar for almost 5 years now.
  2. I love this guitar because it is small yet very loud! Very easy to carry around places!
  3. Although I am not good, I love to sing and play the guitar at the same time.
  4. I plan on doing live performances at events!
Where do I take my lesson?
  • I have taught myself how to play guitar and sing.
  • I learned everything from YouTube to Google and from many more resources out there.

Here is the link to a website if you would like to purchase instruments and become a musician like myself! here.

You can send me email here.