I have tutored privately for 8 years and was a Learning Support Services tutor at UCSC for upperdivision physics courses. Below is a list of courses and topics that I tutor. Please contact me directly for more information about these services.

  • Maths up to and including Vector Calculus
  • Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Methods for Physicists (PHYS 116ABC)
  • Numerical Methods (PHYS 115, AMS 147)
  • Dynamical Systems (AMS 114/214)
  • Fluid Dynamics (AMS 107)
  • Electrodynamics (PHYS 110AB)
  • Practical Electronics (PHYS 160)
  • Discrete Math and Introduction to Proofs (CMPE 16, MATH 100)
  • Introductory programming courses in C, Java, Python, Processing, Matlab, and (CMPS 5, 10, 12A)
  • Data Structures (CMPS 12B)
  • Computer Systems and Assembly Language (CMPE 12)
  • Introductory Chemistry