About Me

Welcome to my webpage. I am currently a masters student in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at UCSC. I received a B.S. in Applied Physics and a B.A. in Computer Science from UCSC in 2017. In the fall of 2018 I will enter the PhD program in Applied Mathematics at UCSC.

Currently I research algorithms for the computation of optimized, provably safe, forward reachable sets for use in unmanned aerial systems traffic management (UAS) with Abhishek Halder. As an undergraduate, I compared the computation of transonic fluid flows about a 2D airfoil using a small disturbance approximation and mixed-differencing with solutions yielded by the FLASH code. More detailed information about these projects can be found under Research.

In addition to research, I am enthusiastic about teaching and connecting students with resources. I have tutored both privately and with UCSC's LSS. In 2016 I founded the UCSC Society of Physics Students and led the chapter for over a year, organizing weekly events that aimed to inspire connections and curiousity in STEM students. I utilized this role to negotiate with administration and faculty for improvements to the undergraduate physics program. Presently, I am working with motivated students in a STEM advocacy group that aims to bridge the communication gap between students and administrators on UCSC's campus and encourage solutions with maximum benefit and inclusion.

I currently reside in beautiful Bonny Doon, CA. When I am not otherwise occupied I enjoy hiking, swimming, climbing, cooking spicy vegan food, and exploring the California coastline.