Quincy California

Quincy: A Small Town in Northern California

Where is Quincy?

Quincy is located off of highway 70 in the Sierra Nevadas. It is about two hours north of Oroville through the Feather River Canyon, the town itself is in American Valley.

Here is a map to see exactly where.                           HI THERE

What is the Deal With This Place?

Quincy is a small logging town with about 5,000 residents, it lies in the northern stretch of the Sierra Nevadas which makes it a prime loction for outdoor recreation. Popular activities include:

There are also other attractions for those who prefer to stay in town:

  1. The High Sierra Music Festival draws the biggest crowds and takes place every Fourth of July weekend
  2. There are several local breweries, such as The Brewing Lair and Quintopia
  3. The County Fair offers a typical small town fair experience, complete with deep fried foods, livestock auctions, and carnival rides

If you want to know more about what Quincy has to offer, you can email me at ldonald@ucsc.edu