SNORLAx: The Sleeping Pokemon

My Favorite Pokemon Is Snorlax

Here is a picture of Snorlax:

Here are more facts about Snorlax Pictures.

Five Facts About Snorlax

  1. Snorlax is a huge, bipedal, dark blue-green Pokļæ½mon with a cream-colored face, belly, and feet.
  2. Its body is composed of mostly its belly, where most of its fat reserves accumulate.
  3. Its head is large, with small, pointed ears and two pointed teeth protruding from its lower jaw.
  4. It has large, hind feet with three claws and a circular brown paw pad, and its arms and five foreclaws are short.
  5. Snorlax is often found in mountains and forests. It wakes up only to eat and seldom for exercises.
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