~Toro y Moi~

(a fanpage)

This is Toro y Moi, otherwise known as Chazwick Bundick, a recording artist and producer.

He has been one of my favorite artists for quite some time now. I'm finally going to see him perform live this this month!

Here are some fun facts about him:
  1. He was born and raised in South Carolina but in recent years has spent time living in Berkeley, California.
  2. He has released 5 studio albums since the beginning of his music career.
  3. His music tends to fall under the genre of chillwave, but he occasionally performs under the moniker Les Sins, which is his electronic dance music project.
Here are some links where you can check out some of his stuff.


If you happen to like Toro y Moi, feel free to send me an email anytime!