Photo Album

These photographs were among many intermittently given to me, in a rather offhand and random way, by George Simpson or Anne Roe Simpson without any indication of the photographer or original owner. Hence, I cannot provide photo credits as normally required. Even though the quality of the photographs varies greatly I believe they do provide an interesting visual record, however imperfect and incomplete.


Simpson showing early predilection for moving against the current.

Bob Roe (l) and Simpson at their Capitol Heights lemonade stand.

Bob Roe (l) and Simpson on their homemade raft.

Simpson's elementary school, then known as the Clayton St. school,

later the Stevens School after Simpson's principal; now a condominium.

Simpson family Presbyterian church in the Capitol Heights neighborhood.

The local firehouse where the young Simpson liked to hang out with the firemen.

Simpson home at 1048 Milwaukee St. (1906-1909).

Simpson home at 1069 Milwaukee St. (1911-1912).

Anne and Bob Roe's home at 1110 Milwaukee St.

Simpson at the University of Colorado, ca. 1920.

Yale PhD photo for "Professor R.S.Lull with the deepest

regards of his pupil George G. Simpson, June, 1926."

Simpson in Patagonia, 1933-1934.

Anne Roe, Simpson's second wife, whom he married in 1938.

Major George Simpson, U.S. Army, with two bronze stars, 1944.

George & Anne with his four daughters,

Elizabeth, Joan, Helen, Patricia ("Gay").

Simpson in his favorite post-war field vehicle.

Simpson at his American Museum desk, early 1950s, with parent's picture.

Simpson examining fossils at the American Museum.


Simpson at his desk in the annex of his Tucson home, 1983.