Courses/Projects in UCSC

CMPS200 “Teaching and Reasearch in Computer Science

Basic teaching techniques for teaching assistants, including responsibilities and rights of teaching assistants, resource materials, computer security, leading discussion or lab sessions, presentation techniques, maintaining class records, electronic handling of homework, and grading. The course examines research and professional training, including use of the library and online databases, technical typesetting, writing journal and conference papers, publishing in computer science and computer engineering, giving talks in seminars and conferences, and ethical issues in science and engineering.

AMS203 “Introduction to Probabilities

Introduces probability theory and its applications. Requires a multivariate calculus background, but has no measure theoretic content. Topics include: combinatorial analysis; axioms of probability; random variables (discrete and continuous); joint probability distributions; expectation and higher moments; central limit theorem; law of large numbers; and Markov chains.

CMPS242 “Introduction to Machine Learning

Introduction to machine learning algorithms. Covers learning models from fields of statistical decision theory and pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and theoretical computer science. Topics include classification learning and the Probably Approximately Correct (PAC) learning framework, density estimation and Bayesian learning, EM, regression, and online learning. Provides an introduction to standard learning methods such as neural networks, decision trees, boosting, nearest neighbor, and support vector machines. Requirements include one major experimental learning project or theoretical paper.

CMPS201 “Introduction to the analysis of Algorithms

Rigorous analysis of the time and space requirements of important algorithms, including worst case, average case, and amortized analysis. Techniques include order-notation, recurrence relations, information-theoretic lower bounds, adversary arguments. Analysis of the key data structures: trees, hash tables, balanced tree schemes, priority queues, Fibonacci and binomial heaps. Algorithmic paradigms such as divide and conquer, dynamic programming, union-find with path compression, augmenting paths. Selected advanced algorithms. Introduction to NP-completeness.

CMPS203 “Programming Languages

Covered current issues in programming languages. Language topics include object oriented, concurrent, functional, and logic programming, and other programmable applications such as symbolic manipulators and simulation.

CMPS290A “Topics In Algorithms And Complexity Theory

Graduate seminar in algorithms and complexity theory on topics from recently published research journal articles and conference proceedings. We did an introduction to the topic of “Property Testing

CMPS211 “Combinatorial Algorithms

Fundamental combinatorial algorithms, graph algorithms, flow problems, matching problems, linear programming, integer programming, NP-completeness, approximation algorithms for optimization problems.