My Brother's Keeper


Many times the male figure in our lives tends to be the ones who protects us, but what happens when they can not fend for themselves?

This is my brother Darius, he will be turning 2 years old next month. He was born in the small island of Trinidad and Tobago. Due to the fact he is the youngest in the family, we often spoil him, thus he is very strong willed. However in today's society, parents often lack the ability to teach their children basic communication skills. Due to this astonishing fact, my brother have often been aggressive to those who surround him. I, as an older sibling have to teach my brother how to verbally commute with others and not use agression to communicate. After realizing the aggressive side that my brother had, I did some researched to help me better approach the situation. This site website has some useful tips that I believe is helpful here

On the other hand my brother isn't all aggressive, he does indeed have a soft side. He is full of energy and never seems to stop going, some of the things he enjoy are:

Everytime my father arrives home, he often runs to door and yells "hello" until my dad enters the house. He then produce to:

  1. Jump on my father
  2. Sneak food off his plate
  3. Steal his cup of water and run around the house

Here you can see my brother playing with my father and his cousin:

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