Everybody Loves Tacos!

Tacos really make everyone more happy

Do you want to impress loved ones with tacos?

Here is a very fantastic taco recipie.

Here are some taco facts:

  1. Taco Bell may have popularized tacos, but the history of tacos dates back to the Mexican Revolution, when refugees brought the food to the United States.
  2. Tortillas were once canned. During the 1980s, many Americans could only find canned tortillas, a creation that can be attributed to El Paso’s George N. Ashley. Ashley first sold the product in 1938 and had some success, but his creation can no longer be found on supermarket shelves today.
  3. The first official American fans of Mexican food were members of the military. In 1879, the War Department agreed to allow San Antonio canners to feed its soldiers chile con carne.

Here are some components of commnon tacos:

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