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Term most recently offered Course title and homepage (please note that my more recent courses have moved to UCSC's eCommons site)
Winter 2011 The American Renaissance and Expansion (graduate)
Winter 2011 Chicano/Mexicano Geographies (upper-division)
Fall 2010 Latino Expressions in the US (lower-division)
Spring 2010 19th-century American Fiction (upper-division)
Winter/Spring 2010 Print Culture I and II (graduate seminar co-taught with Jody Greene)
Winter 2009 19th-century Poetry in the US (graduate seminar)
Fall 2008 Latino Expressions in the U.S. (lower-division)

Winter 2008

Winter 2008

Traveling Souths (graduate seminar)

History and Memory in the New World (upper-division)

Fall 2007

Nineteenth-Century American Poetry (upper-division)

Spring 2007 The Book of Everything (senior seminar)
Winter 2007 The American Renaissance and Expansion (graduate seminar)
Fall 2006 Chicana/o Literature (upper-division)
Fall 2006 The U.S. Canon, Part 1 (no longer offered)

Spring 2004

American Literature, Colonial to Mid-Nineteenth Century (no longer offered)
Spring 2004 Latino Canonicity (graduate seminar)
Fall 2002 Literary Theory and Interpretation (upper-division)

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