Here are my water bottles

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Here are links to the websites if you would like black Hydroflask or either of the Starbucks cups:

Hydroflask Website

Starbucks Website


Each cup has its own purpose (from left to right)

  • This is my go-to water bottle! It is a hydroflask so it keeps my drinks cold through out the day. Also, it has a straw which I truly enjoy because then I do not have to worry about it dripping on me.
  • This is the newest addition to my collection! I was given this cup as a gift because I recently joined the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta on campus. They gave me this lovely water bottle so I can show how proudful I am to be in the sorority!
  • This is a Starbucks mug that is my favorite for hot drinks. It is excellent at insulating the heat so a warm cup of passion fruit green tea is amazing on a rainy day walking around campus.
  • MY PARTY CUP! This cup is amazing for parties because once you pull out the straw the lid closes so you can shake the drink (so you mix the drink inside without it making a mess). Such an amazing invention my roommate originally showed me this last year and then I got a matching one and finally our housemate bought one so we all have matching party cups!
  • This little metal cup is rarely used because it has a weird odor from when I let someone borrow it. Ususally I would not dare to let anyone touch one the babies in my collection, but it was free because I won this cup during welcome week coming into my freshman year at UCSC. Also, if you look closely you can see the cup says "Oakes College" on it.
  • This is my smallest cup on campus, it is a black Starbucks cup with a straw (I have the same one just transparent at home). This one is perfect for when you are just lounging around the house and want to stay hydrated.

  • I am going to rate my water bottles from my favorite to my least favorite.

    1. The black hydroflask
    2. My green party cup
    3. My Kappa Alpha Theta bottle
    4. The warm larger Starbucks mug
    5. The smaller black Starbucks cup
    6. The Oakes College metal cup

    Below are the infamous bottles I have talked so much about