Me and Art


Hello! My name is Katherine and I occasionally like to paint.

This is just one painting, I made and it's the only one I have a picture of lol. Don't get it twisted, I made more but I'm too lazy to take pictures of them.

Some backstory

The inspiration of this piece came from the thumbnail of this video and my painting is essentially a screen cap of Hayao Miyazaki's film Totoro. In the original film, the colors are more lighter and airy and they are suppose to reflect upon how lighthearted and childish, the film would be perceived at first glance. In my painting, I wanted the colors to be more vivid, harsher to the eye and for the viewer to see the film through a new lense, not one that was overshadowed by bliss and contentment.(imo) the sunflowers are painted dulled and dry while, the grass is muddled and each strand is melted upon each other. The clouds are too fluffy to the point, where they look like cotton balls rather than clouds. I wanted it to look at first glance, a peaceful screen shot but with an adjusted lense, the painting will look messy and distorted. To be honest, I made this painting entirely for myself with no intention of sharing to anyone else, much less on my webpage for CE 3. I wanted change my own perspective on everything, especially myself and so I wanted a concrete reminder of this goal. There's a lot to take in this piece, but art is always open to interpretation so shoot me an email. sometime, would ya?

bonus round: this is Juri from Revolutionary Girl Utena

  1. Her hair is phenomenal
  2. Her backstory is way better than my painting, that's for sure. Check out her wiki page
  3. Did I mention her hair yet?
  4. Another link, I wanna add is this , I think it does a good job of depicting Juri's hurt and betrayal throughout the episode that her character was focused on.
  5. She's also my favorite character of this anime.