To: My Mom

Starting my first year of college, I have come to realize how much of a super woman my mom is. Pardon my french, but she is fucking amazing. Let me give you some background on her. My mom's full name is Thuy Thi Hoang, but she goes by Jenny. She was born in Vietnam and moved here at the age of 19 with my father, Gieng Nim.

This is a photo of my mother and father on their wedding day.

The reason why I have grown this better appreciation for my mother is because of the distance between us, she's in Sacramento. I'm close to the age she was when she got married, and it made me realize how much she sacraficed just for me and my siblings.
This is my family at Disneyland!

There are so many things my mom has done for me that I'm grateful for

My mom has done so much for me to make sure I received higher education, being here at UCSC, everything I do makes me think about her and how I hope to make her proud and give back to her what she's done for me.
This is a recent photo of us when I got to go back home to Sacramento

There's so much more I could say but in summation, you're the bomb Mom! I know I don't say it enough but I love you and thank you for always being by my side- no matter how stubborn I am!

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Plan a trip with your family! Bond and make memories. Btw Disneyland in no way is sponsoring this, I just like Disneyland. HI THERE

Author: Kathy Nim