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Horse Racing: America's Greatest Past Time

Off to the Races

Horse racing is one of the U.S's greatest past times. The first race track in the U.S was built in what is now known as Long Island New York in 1665. Organized horse racing was established in 1868, making it an official U.S sport for nearly 150 years. It is known as the sport of kings as horse racing is celebrated and experienced all throughout the world. Though it is looked negatively upon by some due to a small percentage of people and organizations within the horse racing community due to their lack of intergrity and decency for the sport and all who are involved, horse racing has a mostly positive image and impact throughout the world.

The reason that I follow the sport so closely is that I was exposed to it at a very young age. My father would always take me to the local track and I would get to watch the horses run their hearts out. Horse racing has the ability to bring families, people, and nations together. It is the most exciting 2 minutes in sports and that is why I love the sport.

The Horse Racing Community

There is a large online community of people who also love the sport of horse racing. Whenever I want to read up on current racing events or follow news on my favorite horses I always use the horse racing community site Horse Racing Nation. You can follow Horse Racing Nation too at Horse Racing

Racing Favorites

I have been following horse racing for about 14 years. I have many favorite race horses that have took to the track, starting with the Great Secretariat in 1973, and Spectacular Bid in 1978, all the way to Zenyatta in 2008 and lately my favorite horse of all time California Chrome who is still racing today as a 5 year old horse. If you would like to meet race horses in person and get out to the track you can visit one of the many race tracks throughout the U.S. You can plan your next visit to a California race course by visiting their websites Santa , Los , or Golden Gate

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World Rankings 2016

  1. California Chrome
  2. A Shin Hikari
  3. Arrogate
  4. Almanzor
  5. Winx
  6. Frosted
  7. Maurice
  8. Postponed
  9. Werther
  • USA
  • Japan
  • USA
  • France
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • New Zeland

Life After Racing

After their racing careers are over many of the horses go on to their second job of breeding. Many horses are retired and sold to farms where they will start their next career as a broodmare or stallion and get to spend the rest of their days peacefully on a farm. Unfortunately not all horses get to experice this life after their racing career. Some horses are unable to breed leaving them with no hope to become a broodmare or stallion, however thanks to organizations such as the Retired Race Horse Project & The Old Friends Farm, race horses who are unable to breed are given a new chance to be happy either by becoming a pet, serving as a stable pony, or just living on a peaceful farm entertaining tourists. However there are some horses who never get the chance to experience life after the races. Some horses are sold to slaughter houses, places that I believe should not exist and an experience that no horse should have to endure. Luckily there are organizations such as The Old Friends Farm and The Retired Race Horse Project that are working to give many horses a new home and life so that they never have to endure the harsh reality of a slaughter house.

If you would like to contribute to their efforts to give horses a good life after the races then you could visit their sites here at Old Friends Farm , or The Retired Race Horse Project


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