This page is about rats!

Here are some cute rats!

These are my new baby rats!

Their names are Bean and Pickle
These are some facts about them:

These are my older rats!

Their names are Mars and Petunia
They have very unique personalities:

  1. Mars: She has two black spots on her back and is the bigger one. I think she steals food form her sister because she is getting rather chunky. She loves to wrestle and climb the rope ladder.
  2. Petunia: She has one big blak spot along her back and head. She is more timid than her sister and likes to burrow, cuddle, and jump from one platform to the next.

There are a lot of things that make rats great pets! They are very intelligent, they love to cuddle, they can learn how to do tricks, and are very loving. You can find more cool rats facts on the following websites:

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