Intro to Ferrets Winter 2017

Welcome to CMPE 2A: Introduction to Ferrets and Ferret Technology

"The most difficult class you'll take at UCSC!"

Welcome to Intro to Ferrets Winter 2017! This class focuses on ferrets and their ways of adapting to and mastering technology with their growing intelligence. Students are encouraged to form study groups as this class can be quite demanding.

Class breakdown:

Scientists predict that in 20 years ferrets may look something like this
HW #1: Read this and answer the following questions:
  1. Are the responses to the question asked correct or incorrect. Why?
  2. What's the average IQ of a ferret? How much larger is this than the average IQ of a human?
  3. Using your home ferret, give it an encoded hard drive. How long does it take for it to decode the hard drive and access the information?
  4. Let G be the dihedral group of order 2n. Using your home ferret, find the permutation representation of G.

Questions? You may email the instructor here.