Collegiate Dancer Problems

After being a student and on a competitive collegiate hip hop team for three years,
I can definitely point out some of hardest struggles of trying to balance your dance and school life.

  1. Trying to plan your class schedule around your practice schedule.

  2. When you come back home after midnight and your roommates are already asleep.

  3. When midterms/projects/finals all end up near competition season.

  4. Your dance clothes take over your wardrobe.

  5. The parking lot with be your worst enemy and not just because you can't find parking.

  6. $$$$

No matter how hard balancing school and dance may be, you do it anyways because you love it.
It's hard work, but it isn't impossible! The love you have for your team makes it all worth the effort.

This is where I'm going to insert a shameless plug for my team. Sorry, not sorry.

We host a dance showcase every year called EnRoute where we invite teams from all over California to perform in the Santa Cruz area.
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Here's a lineup of the most recent year's showcase. Please note that the flyer is old, and this year's event will be on April 14th, 2018.


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