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September 5th, 2018

Hi everyone!

I’m not a writer, but I’m trying to be one for the next couple of months in order to keep track of my life abroad in Scotland. Please forgive me if my descriptions are not ideal or my grammar is not perfect, hopefully, I’ll get better as time goes by and with more practice. 

I’m going to start on this flight to Helsinki, Finland for a couple reasons. The first is that I just had a moment, a rush of excitement and anxiety over entering my new life in mere hours and I thought, “Kelly, document that s**t!” The second is because flying into Helsinki I just saw the most amazing view and I thought it was a good time to practice describing beautiful things in detail. It was nice because I woke up on my own right before the pilot started to explain that we were landing and I looked out of the window and saw the city in shining gold lights. But what struck me was not the lights or how the sky took on the prismatic colors of a sunrise, but the clouds; They looked like a blanket, I know this is the first thing people say about clouds in an airplane but hear me out, there were rolls in the clouds like when you push a velvet throw blanket up against a well-made bed. And everywhere around the city, it rippled out but the city was clear of them, untouched by them. As we descended further the colors of the sunrise became more vibrant and the plane drifted across miles of pine trees with light clouds weaving through their peeks. Then we landed and the spell was broken. The commotion of people getting out of their seats and stretching and fumbling with luggage distracted me and I jostled out to the airport with everyone else to pass by this:

A cute little grove in Helsinki’s airport. It made me smile, so I thought I’d share it. I think it’s sweet that in a mass of perfectly designed wood, metal, and marble they tried to add in the simplest form of beauty - nature. 

It occurs to me now that the city I saw was most likely not Helsinki but another on the way to it. I didn’t think much about these flights, and I will have 3, and how they would effect me but now is the time for explanations. First I went from Tel Aviv to Helsinki, then from Helsinki to Manchester and then Manchester to Edinburgh. You can imagine how tired I was/am considering I left Israel at 1:00 in the morning. I’m taking the layover times to write this and sleep. All I did on the flight heading to Manchester was sleep, so I can’t write much about that. I’m afraid telling you about my airport escapades is not all too exciting and getting my writing to be in past or present tense is getting confusing so I’m going to stop and continue once my journey really Scotland!