Hello World

This is my attempt at making a webpage.

I'm really just copying the html source from the sample page.

Below is a horizontal line across the page.

Now here is a picture that is unique to me:

Here are three facts about this picture:

Now, here are three random facts, generally about me:

  1. I'm a procrastinator. I tend to do things last minute.
  2. I like doing things last minute because I like to live life on the edge.
  3. I wish I was more creative with this assignment, but I literally just copied source codes from various places while just following directions step by step.
  4. Source Code is a really good movie. I really liked it and it is one of my most favorite films.
  5. I lied about only naming three facts.
  6. I go on Reddit a lot, hence explaining my procrastination.

I can be reached at through my school email or my personal email.

I hope I covered everything. Have a nice day!