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An Assignment for CMPE3

An Homage to the Documentary Paris Is Burning

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Here are some things you should know about Paris Is Burning:
  1. This has become a cult classic among the LTBQ+ community

  2. This film depicts the lives of queer youth in the Harlem Ballroom scene during the late 80s, and the difficulties they faced in doing so.

  3. Terms like: Reading and Shade, all originated during this time and were sticky used amongst the Queer community, now these terms have made their way into todays pop culture.

  4. Voguing made it’s debut in this documentary.(I wish i could Vogue)

  5. Fun Fact: Vouging is still a practiced event TODAY! (YAS KWEEN)
  6. Pepper Labeija is ICONIC. That’s all.
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    Here's some things that you should know about me: