Hello There!

Kyle Glover's CE 3 Webpage

I welcome you!!!

NOTICE: So something I should point out was that I only put this on the website so that I could get the extra credit for assignment3. I have actually had this completed for some time, but I never put it up. This was because, at the time of assignment2, I was super depressed, and the original purpose of the picture and caption was to convey my depression and subtly ask for help. This coupled with the fact that Cyberduck was refusing to cooperate on the due date (and my lack of knowledge that we could submit assignments a bit late) discouraged me from bothering to continue with the assignment. Fortunately, I now feel much better now, and everything with assignment3 went smoothly (I just mismanaged my time a bit today and couldn't finish on time).

Don't question the meme. Just accept that it exists.

A few things you may want to know about me:

  • School is VERY SERIOUS business to me.
  • I'm a 2nd year at UCSC and a CS major.
  • I'm quite timid, but love doing dumb things with friends.
  • Why do I find this funny?
  • A few other things about me:

    1. I LOVE 80's power metal.
    2. I have a yellow lab puppy back home named Piper
    3. That's about it. Seriously, I'm actually not that intersting of a person.
    You can send an email to me here.