Santa Cruz Bid

(for the 2013 Freestyle Players Association World Championships)

Submitted by Kevin "Skippy Jammer" Givens


Proposal Statement:

Thank you for considering the bid to host the 2013 FPA World Championships in Santa Cruz, CA. Santa Cruz is a historic location for championship disc play, more so than any place else. The town is host to as many as 4-5 Ultimate tournaments a year, the 2011 PDGA Professional World Disc Golf Championships was contested here and had the largest turnout in PDGA history for a Pro Championship event. Santa Cruz has also hosted World Disc Games in 1979-86, 2003 and 2007. The FPA Worlds have been contested here in 1990, 1994 and 1999. Santa Cruz has also hosted the Senior Overall Championships in 1991 and 2007.

The staffing for the 2012 FPAW will be the same as has hosted many previous events here. I will act as the Tournament Director overseeing all aspects of the event - I am the Intramural Sports and Sports Club Director at University of California Santa Cruz which gives me access to the fields and logistics needed for the event. Key staff members will be Tom Leitner, Doug Korns, Bob Gossett, Z Weyand and Tom Sahlit.

The Goal of the event is to reference the historic past of Santa Cruz disc play and to embrace the new generation of players from around the world, giving them a unique California beach experience and to give the players the best chance to play their best with what is often optimal playing conditions. The event will also be preceded by a beach camp out event at Manresa Beach and/or a hat tournament at the "Superhein like" Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The past tournaments at Manresa Beach and OB have served as the model for future fun events such as the Jammers, Superhein and Mikey Reid's tournament in Jackson hole, WY.

It would be great opportunity for Europeans to visit other fantastic frisbee communities in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego as another "Magic Frisbee Tour" would be emminent.

1. Tournament Location and Times

The event will take place on UCSC's Main Field overlooking the Monterey Bay National Sanctuary. It's a huge athletic field with perfect low cut, groomed grass. The field sits on a bluff 200 meters above the ocean, seemingly hanging on the edge. It is certainly a most spectacular location to have a tournament. The field has excellent playing conditions with soft beach winds billowing up to the field from the beaches below. The weather in Santa Cruz is beautiful in the summer - not too hot or cold. There will be no need to arrange for gym space, it never rains in August in Santa Cruz.

The dates of tournament would be on the last weekend of August.

2. Accommodations and City of Santa Cruz Information

Santa Cruz is located 75 miles south of San Francisco and 30 miles from San Jose, There are major international airports in both of these cities. Round Trip airfares from Europe go from about 700-1000 euros. Domestic Flights from New York go for between $350-$500.

There are a number of good websites for Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz is also a destination resort with a myriad of activities for the intrepid visitor, surfing, ocean kayaking, mountain biking, wine tasting, world class beaches and coastlines and wildlife viewing. As summer is Peak Season in Santa Cruz, it can be a bit expensive for lodging. We will receive discounts at the Tournament Hotel - home and apartment rentals are also good options as well as camping.


The UCSC Inn is located near downtown Santa Cruz with restaurants, stores and site seeing in close proximity. There are also a large number of hotels close to the UCSC Inn. For the more adventurous, there is a large number of camping spots in Santa Cruz County as well.

3. Insurance:

The Santa Cruz Organizing Committee (SCOC) will cover all insurance expenses for the event.

4. Awards and Events

There will be a check in at the UC Santa Cruz fields on Wednesday afternoon followed by a beach jam and Pub night at Seabright Pub.

Thursday night will have a trading night at downtown Santa Cruz's Woodstocks Pizza

Friday will feature a Mexican Food Burrito feed at the fields. California style Burrito's are authentic and incredibly delicious.

Sunday night will feature a "Fired Up" night and awards ceremony at Tampico Lounge Mexican Restaurant and bar, downtown Santa Cruz.


5. Players Pack/Registration/Budget 2892995117_58eba4e587_b.jpg

The Players Pack will include at a minimum a High Performance jersey and a Skystyler. The entry fee for the event will be kept to a minimum to help offset the expected costs of travel and accommodations.

The Budget for the event is still in process at this time. In the past we have been able to offset many costs due to the event's relationship with the UCSC campus. Many items such as field rentals, sound system, tables, chairs, and other items have been acquired at a minimum of cost. I am expecting the same arrangements for this event.

In Summary

Santa Cruz is the greatest town for Flying Disc Sports in the world. We are certain that hosting the FPA World Championships in historic Santa Cruz will strengthen the connection players have to each other while connecting them with the rich history of play in this classic California beach town. The event would also be the 37th anniversary of the first flying disc tournament held in Santa Cruz. Flying Disc Sports have always received fantastic press coverage, referencing the Santa Cruz community's involvement and interest in alternative sports. As a long time major event organizer, I know first hand what players expect at an event like the FPA World Championships. Thank you for your consideration of having Santa Cruz host the FPA World Championships. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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