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Kimberly deLong, UCSC

But you can call me Beryl

PhD (in progress) - UC Santa Cruz - Ocean Sciences
Lab Manager / Research Scientist 2015-2017 UNC Chapel Hill - Marine Sciences
Masters of Science 2015 University of New Hampshire - Oceanography
Bachelors of Science - UNC Chapel Hill - Geology

Infinity in the Palm of your Hand

I love science for the same reason I love art, poetry, and travel: because it opens our eyes to a new perspective with which to understand the world. Currently, I am learning how to see the world through the eyes of polar marine diatoms. I am earning my PhD at the University of California Santa Cruz, where I am working with Christina Ravelo and Matt McCarthy to investigate interactions between marine biogeochemical cycling and the climate system. My current research uses a variety of techniques including foraminifera δ18O, nitrogen and silicon isotopes, and diatom community composition to measure various physical, chemical, and ecological parameters of the ocean-climate system. My previous research at UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of New Hampshire includes marine microbial ecology, diatom physiology, and climate reconstruction.

"To hold eternity in an hour,
And infinity in the palm of your hand,
To see a heaven in a wild flower
And a world in a grain of sand."

-William Blake-