Kathryn Coulombe

Hello, my name is Kathryn Coulombe!

I am a game developer interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional gaming.

I have created a novel gaming experience with Interrogation and explored the artistic and functional capabilities of web development.

Take a look below to see what I am working on and what I have accomplished.



If you lie to me, I'll know.

Interrogation is a custom-hardware interactive narrative created with Unity and C#. The player is placed in an interrogation room with limited agency. They are wearing a custom gaming vest designed to simulate the experience of stress. With no information on the truth, they are supposed to navigate through the story with the vest as their lie-detector and their foe.

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#DisruptAging was a Social Connection GameJam directed at people ages 50 and over. The goal of the game jam is to create a game that appeals to people in the 50+ age bracket and endorses them to connect with one another.

Coop is a cooperative online-strategy game created for #DisruptAging.

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PaperCup is a video syncing Windows application developed using Windows Form and C#. Unlike traditional video syncing services, users play their media locally and PaperCup senses when the state of a user's Windows Media Player (WMP) has changed and mimics the change in the other user's WMP.
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170A Collection

170A Collection is a hodgepodge of creative projects created using various pieces of technology and programming languages. Projects include a scrolling remastering of A Light in the Attic (JS), a hypertext labyrinth (Photoshop), and a soundwalk (Audacity).
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SS Rapture

SS Rapture is a LARP designed to make friends into enemies.

A violent disease has hit the world and a group of 8+ apocalypse survivors wait at a port to get onto the ship to salvation. Once the boat arrives, they soon realize that only 3 can board. SS Rapture pushes players to either talk their way onto the boat or risk their lives to be the only survivor left.

So who will board? The schizophrenic doctor? The sterile farmer?

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Interactive Narratives

Vroom Vroom Fast

Vroom Vroom Fast is an interactive narrative developed in Inform7, a piece of software and a language that develops interactive narratives "Zork" style. It takes you through the date of boy named Corey.
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Black or White

Black or White is an interactive narrative puzzle game developed in the Inform7 language, which develops interactive narratives "Zork" style. Black or White presents the player with two choices: Black or White.

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Mama and Papa

Mama and Papa is an interactive narrative that takes you through the tribulation of cavemen: being hunted. Player choices decide who in this family dies. It is going to be Mama and Papa?
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