Kenneth Bendo

Kenneth Bendo

Took a picture with the best Kongou cosplayer I've seen~ (thank you mittens for taking it (y))

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So what is AX and what is so fun about it?

Sounds fun right? "How can I go there?" you ask. It's simple~
  1. First, you have to register in order to get accessibility to the cool stuff like main events and panels. Of course, you can go there unregistered, just that you'll be missing a lot of what AX is to offer.
  2. To register, go to You can also register during the event by person, but doing it online saves a lot of time.
  3. In there, you can either click "Registration" on the top menu or click "Register Now." Either one will lead you to the same page.
  4. You can read the rest of the stuff in here to know more what you can do in AX. For simple registration, just go ahead go to "Click here to register!"
  5. Follow the instructions and fill in your info here. This should be easy and after this you're pretty much done.
  6. After the registration, you should have gotten like a barcode that you need to show. This is for picking up your badge. The barcode shouldn't be necesarry but it's faster that way than looking up your name and putting your info down.
Are you a fan of Luigi? He was in AX, you know!! Check this out.


You want to know more of my experience in AX or need to contact me? You can shoot me an email here.