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Family Pets

This webpage will be about my two family cats, however, cats are not the only pets that we have had! We used to have a lot of pet dogs because my parents prefer dogs over cats. Unfortunately we have had some bad luck when it comes to dogs: One died, one ran away, and the other my parents gave away to someone else. So now, we have cats, and nothing bad has happened to them.
I also used to have a pet snake, since snakes are my favorite animals. She was a very pretty and very docile corn snake. But when I went off to college, no one wanted to take of her so we were forced to give her away. I miss my snake a lot.

My Two Cats: Maple and Woodson

Our two cats are named Maple and Woodson. Maple is old and mature while Woodson is young and wild.
Woodson used to jump onto our counters while we weren't looking and eat our food. He didn't even even finish anything - he would take a couple of nibbles of each item and leave it, so in the end nothing was salvagable. We ended up having to store every morsel of food in containers


<-- Maple

The cat shown to the left of this text is Maple Sugar. She is a buff Orange tabby, and is very old (almost eleven years old). She loves people, and doesn't like to eat alone. I can't imagine my home without her
Her defining characteristics are:


Woodson -->

The cat shown to the right of this text is Oliver Woodson. He is my orange tabby cat, and is very young (almost two years old).
His defining characteristics are:

He often tries to play with my other cat, Maple; but instead of entertaining him, she gets very annoyed and tries to make him go away :(


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