Insight 1: Bubble Graph

This one takes a csv file and creates the bubbles dynamically based on the value. We could put any number of transactions into the csv file and it'll generate bubbles whose sizes are relative to their transaction amounts

Insight 2: Weekend vs Weekday Spending

This one is pretty self explanatory. It kind of sucks right now b/c the graph isn't interactive or have any animations. I think any number of basic graphs (pie, bar, etc.) could do an effective job of showing the disparity between weekend and weekday spending – it's just a matter of choosing the right one and having it show the numbers.

Insight 3: Highest Transactions

This one will require some more thought / creativity (maybe some bars whose length indicates the relative transaction amount)

New Car: Trip to Mexico: New Macbook: AirBnB: Costco Trip:
$8135 $5500 $3200 $1115 $880
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Insight 4: Transaction 'Buckets'

This one took a while to figure out but it feels fluid / intuitive. We could use each circle / bucket thing and toss a label on it like 'monthly food budge' etc. Although this feels like it'll be part of the app and not necessarily an insight. This visualization may have another purpose though?