Kristina Akesson

Kristina Akesson


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Hi! I'm Kristina Akesson. I am a junior at University of California, Santa Cruz.

I have done a lot of volunteer work including:

  1. Built a stage and game area in the playground of a preschool for children with parents on welfare assistance in a project culminating in approximately 150+ hours of work and dedication
    • Through designing, creating, and implementing Project Once Upon a Time , I
      • Proposed my idea to a board of head leaders of the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles who carefully scrutinized my project
      • Solicited my neighborhood as well as local businesses for clothes, toys, books, and a bench (an amazing donation from Home Depot) which I sanded, sealed, and painted
      • Carefully cut branches located between two fences that were jutting out and dangerous to children
      • Attached tarps onto the fence and measured different aspects of the tarp to form a stage curtain
      • Cleaned and painted the cement to form a stage and game area where children could perform to their imaginations content, as well as learn letters and numbers from a hopscotch-esque game
  2. Built stairs for a military veteran
    • Worked as a team to:
      • Disassemble old, dangerous stairs
      • Measure, saw, hammer, seal, and paint the new stairs
  3. Painted the inside of a food pantry
  4. Collected and distributed dental hygiene supplies to people shopping at the food pantry
  5. Encouraged and handed out nourishment at the Santa Clarita Marathon for two years
  6. Over the course of ten years, I instructed and supervised children between the ages of three and twelve
    • Planned and organized arts and crafts and a game which creatively tied in the lesson that I was teaching

My interests lie in mathematics, anthropology, and computer science. While I do not know where I want to go with a career, I do know that I want to always be creative, solve problems, and work for a better tomorrow.

If you would like to discuss any of the things mentioned on this website, my resume, some advice for a career path, or anything else on your mind, you can contact me at my email.

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