I’m a recent Ph.D. graduate in Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz. My interests broadly include syntax, the syntax-semantics interface, and psycholinguistics, but I am especially interested in the syntax of long-distance dependencies. I am also invested in the use of controlled experimental methodologies to gain insight into linguistic competence and its interfaces with performance systems, especially when informally collected judgments are unreliable or ambiguous.

My dissertation investigates extraction from relative clauses in English in the context of related work on relative clauses in the North Germanic languages of Mainland Scandinavia (Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian), some Romance languages, and Hebrew. You can find an earlier manuscript of this work here.

I also work on Chamorro (Austronesian; Mariana Islands; 45,000 speakers) and am studying the syntax(-semantics) of the language’s head-internal relative clauses. In collaboration with Jed Pizarro-Guevara, I am also studying the syntax of relative clauses in Bisaya.