Welcome to Jenna's Webpage!

This webpage is dedicated to my friend, Peyton Fonck.


This photo was taken at Alviso Marina County Park. The park offers fantastic views of the mountains surrounding the bay.

This photo was taken when we went on a Google Tour held by SASE (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers). We wore android beanies and put a beanie on the android plush doll as well.

This photo was taken at Peyton's room. We made a music video for the song "Once Upon A Time" by Mariahlynn.

Here are three fun facts about Peyton:
  1. He hates dining hall food, so he cooks his own meal most of the time.
  2. He has a "Do You Even Squat?" tank that his friends and I bought for him as a birthday present.
  3. He is "SO F**KING GOOD" at Mario Kart.

Here are four facts Peyton and I have in common:

You can find him on Facebook and add him.
Send me an email to ask any questions about Peyton Fonck or to get his number.
~Peyton Fonck has given me consent to make this webpage.~