James Wang

Welcome to my projects page.

FlowerFinder - Android

An Android app utilizing TorchVision and a custom trained ResNet to identify over 100 types of flowers. The app saves results to view later along with Google Maps integration and more.

Car Detection Car Detection2

Car Detection

A fun project that detects cars based on make and model with a dataset consisting of nearly 20 thousand images of cars.

Mr. Quack the Duck Mr. Quack the Duck

Quack Quack!

Here's Mr. Quack, the animated deformed duck! Modeled with WebGL, JS/Three.js.

Mr. Quack the Duck

Intelligent Connect 4

Here's a interactive Connect 4 game including an AI agent. Can you beat the computer? Difficulty can be set.


Doodling is fun!

'MS-Paint', but online with OpenGL[WebGL]/JS.


I'm a recent Computer Science grad at UCSC.

This site contains some of my projects from my time at UCSC.

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