Hi there!

Nice to meet you! The name's Jay-Alyssa Verana.

Who are you?

Glad you asked! I'm currently a senior at UCSC with a major in Linguistics. I hope to be able break down more than just language barriers in the future. I enjoy listening to music, playing guitar and piano, and playing video games! I also really like pugs. c:

Linguistics? Languages?

Funny you should ask! I enjoy being asked the same question every time I mention Linguistics. Here are a few languages I know in order of proficiency:

  1. English, of course
  2. Japanese
  3. Spanish
  4. Tagalog/Ilocano
Wow! That's a lot! o: (no, not at all.)
Fun stuff!

As you know, I enjoy playing games... so here are a few things I'm into:

It's a bit shameful, I know. :c

I hear you want to be friends - send me something here!

You like pugs too?! You should definitely check this awesome site!

Pug photos credit to the pugliepug website.