The Final Titan

He is known by many names

His true name is only spoken in hushed whispers by an elite few

He is known to only hold the company of elite members of society such as:

It is largely believed that he roosts somewhere in California, although specifics are unknown. Here is a list of the top rumors about where he is living:

  1. Atop The Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco, or possibly within. Officials would neither confirm or deny his having been there. DNA tests of feathers found in the trash confirm he has stayed there before
  2. Atop the Golden Gate Bridge
  3. There is an underground network of elite members of society that leave windows open in their mansons for him to come in.
  4. He has no home, he wanders from place to place telling the stories of his travels. This theory is based off the fact he never stays anywhere twice, as far as we know.
  5. The final one is that he lives in Martinez, California. This Rumor is largley dismissed because he is never spotted in the region. It was started some years ago by some kid saying he knew his family and where he stayed every night, but was immediatly debunked.

Take this and study it if you are to stand a chance at finding him.

Here is a recent image taken of him in the mountains around Santa Cruz. He was supposedly spotted meeting with someone, who managed to avoid identification.

Please email me here with any information you have on him.