Note: This is not about the 1 cent coin neither about the ice cream, there is a link at the bottom for both

Penny's loyalty

Penny will always be there for you whether it is a laying in bed sick or passed out on the floor/bed from having a few to many beverages. She will never leave you side as long as you give her your love. The best part she will always be excited to see you walk through the door and she even begins to crawl all the way to you and anywhere else you want her to go to. She is devoted to your love and she can never break your heart.

Penny can win anyone's heart.

The moment you lay eyes on Penny you will be hooked. She knows the way to anyone's heart. She will give you attention and jump on you so you can pet her. She will do whatever it takes to get your attention. She will lay on top of you and hug. I'm not kidding she will hug you because she is that devoted and that loving. If there is a group of people around her, she'll go crazy because she will go to one person and then run to the next person and so on hoping that you will give the one thing she desires. . . your love.

Here's a picture of Penny the most wonderful dog to ever live hugging me.

Here is Penny hugging me

Reasons Why Penny Is Awesome

What she gives you

Why I love Penny

  1. She wants you to pet her
  2. She is always happy to see me
  3. She is adorable even when she gets jealous
  4. She keeps me company
  5. She can help turn my day around

Here's a link to Penny's Ice Creamery: Ice Cream Now here's a link to a Penny: Coin

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