Interests: Tagalog and Cebuano morphosyntax, field psycholinguistics, filler-gap dependencies, morphological cues in incremental parsing, first and heritage language acquisition, lexical access, verb-initiality, linguistic variation

Ang dili kabalu mulingi sa iyang gigikanan,
dili makaabot sa iyang padulungan

"He who does not know where he came from will not reach his destination"

Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara

jpguevar [at] ucsc (dot) edu

Department of Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz
240 Stevenson College
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

mainTeaching at UCSC

Note: Lower division courses are numbered 1–099, and upper division offerings are 100–199. Course descriptions are from the 2018-2019 General Catalog

Winter 2019 | Linguistics 112: Syntax 1 [Syllabus]

  • Instructor: Pranav Anand; Co-TA: Andrew Hedding
  • An introduction to syntactic investigation, developed through the study of central aspects of English syntax. A major purpose is to introduce students to the study of language as an empirical science.

Fall 2018 | Linguistics 53: Semantics 1 [Syllabus]

  • Instructor: Adrian Brasoveanu; Co-TA: Jérémie Beauchamp
  • Introduction to the logical foundations of natural language semantics. Logical and semantic relations, simple set theory, logical representations (propositional and predicate calculi, modal and tense logics) and their interpretations. A basic literacy course in the language of logical representation.

Summer 2018 | Linguistics 50: Introduction to Linguistics [Syllabus]

  • Instructor: Matt Wagers
  • An introduction to the major areas, problems, and techniques of modern linguistics.

Spring 2017 | Linguistics 111: Syntactic structures [Syllabus]

  • Instructor: Ivy Sichel; Co-TA: Lauren McGarry
  • Provides a basic introduction to the methods and results of generative grammar. It simultaneously provides an overview of the major syntactic constructions of English.

Winter 2017 | Linguistics 101 Phonology 1 [Syllabus]

  • Instructor: Brian W. Smith; Co-TA: Jake Vincent
  • Introduction to how sounds pattern in grammars-why they vary, how they combine, etc. Emphasis is on developing theories to explain the patterns. Topics include distinctive feature theory, phonemic analysis, autosegmental phonology, and principles of syllabification and stress.

Fall 2016 | Linguistics 80C: Language, Society, and Culture [Syllabus]

  • Instructor: Grant McGuire; Co-TA: Kelsey Sasaki
  • The study of language from a sociological perspective. Topics include multilingualism, language change and variation, pidgins and creoles, the origin and diversification of dialects.