Bahin kanako (About me)

I was born in Davao City, Philippines. I speak Dabaw Bisaya, a variety of Cebuano, natively. I also speak Tagalog (or Filipino, depending on your language ideologies) since it was part of the national curriculum when I went to school in the Philippines. I've studied French for four years in college, but I am not really as proficient as I would want to be. I need to live in France for a year or two, or find a francophone partner. I am also conversant in Spanish, peppered with Mexicanisms.

When I am not doing linguistics, I am most likely cooking with wine, while adding it to the food as well. If I'm not cooking, I'm probably eating out and trying different kinds of food—from hole-in-the-walls to nice restaurants. Unfortunately, the food scene in Santa Cruz leaves a lot to be desired. When I'm not busy stuffing myself, I'm probably playing board games and video games, or binging on TV shows and anime.

Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara

Fourth year Ph.D. student
Cota-Robles Fellow
Department of Linguistics
UC Santa Cruz

jpguevar [at] ucsc (dot) edu
240 Stevenson College
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Ang dili kabalu mulingi sa iyang gigikanan, dili makaabot sa iyang padulungan

He who does not know where he came from will not reach his destination