Puppies For Sale :

Many of the puppies have been given to this charity that donates half of the money to a local charity

cute puppy


These dogs are available from the Community Shelter

  1. Labradors
  2. Chihuahuas
  3. Bull dogs
  4. Pugs
  5. Poodle

Grooming after you adopt your new puppy will be covered by our sister company for the next

    Remember our company is rated 5/5 from both clients and vets.
  • "I really loved my dog!!!!!!"-Maria
  • "My baby Princess is so adorable"-Joanna
  • They are well taken care of while being in their hands"-Dr.Joe

All of these puppies vary. Every puppy is checked by a veterinarian that works in the organization.

For any questions contact me, Janelle Perez-Salgado