Jason Ostrove

Talk Handouts

LSA 2016: "Portmanteaux and Locality in the Irish Verbal Complex

This talk, given at the LSA 2016 in DC, explores the relation between linearized nodes in a structure and possible Vocabulary Entries.

AIMM 2015: "Allomorphy and Locality in the Irish Verbal Complex"

At AIMM 4 in UMass, Amherst. This talk argues for C-lowering in Irish (McCloskey 1996), and argues for its analysis as morphological Lowering (Embick & Noyer 2001).

SMircle, Stanford, 2016: "Non-Linear Contextual Allomorphy in Scottish Gaelic (and Irish)"

The talk version of this project, as well as some Irish data, some of which have, apparently, never been observed in the literature before.

"Prepositional Case Assignment in Scottish Gaelic", FForum, UC Berkeley, September 2016.

Based on original fieldwork on Scottish Gaelic conducted in the Outer Hebrides, August 2016, I argue that prepositional case in Scottish Gaelic is assigned within prosodic domains, not due to morphosyntactic principles. You can find the slides here

"Non-Uniform Case Assignment in Scottish Gaelic", Arizona Linguistics Circle, U of A, December 2016.

A continuation and expansion of the talk presented at FForum. I propose that Scottish Gaelic's marked morphological cases come about from different mechanisms, and ultimately propose that m-case assignment must occur in two steps.

"Severing PRO from its Silence: Control Constructions in San Martín Peras Mixtec", WSCLA, UBC, April 2017.

Based on original fieldwork on a previously un-described variety of Mixtec, I show that some subjunctive clauses have the same interpretive properties as Obligatory Control in English, while others behave like pronominal coreference. Importantly, both subjunctives involve an overt pronominal subject.

"The Morphology-Prosody Interface in San Martín Peras Mixtec", CLS, University of Chicago, May 2017.

Using data from original fieldwork, I show that San Martín Peras Mixtec (Oaxaca, ~10,000 speakers) is in the process of reanalyzing a novel clitic doubling pattern as agreement. This talk also explores the prosodic conditions on this process, and presents some sketchy ideas about how this may have contributed to morphosyntactic reanalysis.

" "Clitic Doubling" in San Martín Peras Mixtec: Its Origins and Development", Symposium on Oaxacan Linguistics, UCSC, June 2017.

This talk presents the morphosyntactic side of "pronoun copying" in San Martín Peras Mixtec in much more detail, highlighting how aspects of these data are interesting for current theories of the distinction between clitic doubling and agreement.

"Root Suppletion in the Context of Morphological Case in Scottish Gaelic", Roots V, Queen Mary, London, June 2017.

A subpart of my Qualifying Exam, advised by Sandy Chung, Jim McCloskey, Jorge Hankamer, and Ruth Kramer, available here. I argue that a subset of irregular nouns in Scottish Gaelic are best understood as Root suppletion in the context of morphological case, argued previously to not exist.