Jason Ostrove

I'm a fifth year graduate student in Linguistics at UC Santa Cruz. You can reach me at jostrove@ucsc.edu.

I am broadly interested in the linguistic phenomena which are most directly observable, such as morphology and phonology, and how they relate to the linguistic phenomena we cannot observe directly, such as constituency and syntactic structure more generally.

On the empirical end, I am firmly committed to working on un(der)studied languages. Specifically, I work on the Gaelic languages, Irish and Scottish Gaelic, as well as the Mixtec of San Martín Peras. As such, I am concerned with the methodologies for collection and interpretation of raw linguistic data, or "fieldwork." Various things which I have written about these languages can be found here.

Jason Ostrove
Department of Linguistics
UC Santa Cruz
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

I'm TAing Phonology 1 (Ling 101) for Deniz Rudin. My office hours are from 12-1 on Thursdays in Stevenson 237, or if we're not there, Stevenson 217.