Emo Rap -- Trending in Hip-Hop?

LiL Peep

What is hip-hop in America like today?

LiL Peep's death caught worldwide attention. Arguably the face of emo rap, the self-proclaimed "Kurt Cobain" of rap thrived on grungy looks, desolate lyrics, and a bleak outlook on life. In October 2018, almost 1 year since the death of LiL Peep, emo rap has seen a surge of popularity on music charts.
  1. Kanye West and Kid Cudi formed rap supergroup KIDS SEE GHOSTS, a departure from their individual styles, with their music loosely categorized as emo rap.
  2. LiL Peep-inspired emo rapped Juice WRLD has sat on top of the charts for months. As of 10 hours ago, on October 21st, his hit song "Lucid Dreams" has gone 5x Platinum by RIAA certifications.
  3. LiL Peep's song Awful Things posthumously becomes his first song to chart, as his unreleased music is slowly released to his fans. "Come Over When You're Sober Part 2" is a massively anticipated album set to release November 9th, 8 days after his birthday.
  4. The use of guitars combined with Roland TR-808 snares and basslines continue to rise in popularity in mainstream music releases, likely taking inspiration from LiL Peep's rap collective GothBoiClique, and legendary underground rapper Bones' collective Team SESH.
If you're reading this, chances are I'm still bumping Peep's music. GBC producers inspired me to learn guitar this year. Lil Tracy is my favorite rapper right now, SINNER out October 26th. Contact me at oversleptagain@gmail.com and let's argue whether emo rap is/was the next wave.