Welcome to the Hypebeast Culture

A Brief Introduction Into the Obsession of Trends


- Stussy - Thrasher - Vans - Reebok - Puma - The North Face - OBEY - Louis Vuitton - Bape - Nike - Off White - Adidas - Jordan - Gucci - Supreme -

    You are a Hypebeast if:
  1. You call yourself a sneakerhead and you obsess over sneakers AND if you own over 50 pairs of high end sneakers stacked neatly in clear plastic shoe boxes.
  2. You buy expensive clothes, BUT mainly for the brand. For example, Supreme, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton.
  3. You spend your hard earned money on sneakers and clothes, and not on basic necessities!
  • The culture is dangerous... just putting that out there.
  • When you thought you had the latest sneaker. THINK AGAIN!
  • I personally don't partake in the culture, but I am fascinated by it.
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Jose Ramon Ayala
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