Hello, my name is Joseph Taylor and I am a third year student at UCSC. I signed up for this class because it seemed interesting. I also like how you can correlate issues with race, gender, class, and status within Digital Media and art. I enjoy skateboarding in my free time because it is a form of art. I've learned many life lessons from a simple shaped piece of wood with four wheels. One of those lessons is to never give up on any goal you set out to do. I apply this to my everyday life and live by it. When you are from certain areas around the world you are automatically put into a box that you may not believe you should be in. There are many people in life who have tried to bring me down and make fail because of my race and class being different from theirs. I have experienced racial hatred or judgement everywhere I go even if it is just from people looking at me a certain way like I do not belong to being followed in a new store because of my skin color believing I will actually try to steal something. When you live in a world that has people that feel they are superior to you and they try to put down for anything you do or categorize you, you have to always stick to your goals and never give in to giving up.