Welcome Everyone

This is the page where I will share pictures of my trips

First I will introduce you to my friends.
We tend to go out to places together, sometimes it is planned and sometimes it's just random.

  • This picture was taken a couple weeks before Halloween, we joked about looking like we were a band, and how we would be called Dah Smashing Pumpkins .
  • Our singles would be released in this order
    1. First Pumpkin Spices
    2. Followed by Soy Latte
  • Of course, we were only joking.
  • We like to go out and have a good time
  • This picture is just an example of how much fun we have togehter

  • If you want to have some fun and go to the farm we went to, you can more info about it here.

    If you have any questions about me, my friends, trips, or Dah Smashing Pumpkins, you can send me email at joacontr@ucsc.edu

    Bonus: HI THERE