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Judit Moschkovich is Professor of Mathematics Education in the Education Department at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Professor Moschkovich's research uses sociocultural approaches to study mathematical thinking and learning. Her research agenda addresses a) The transition from arithmetic to algebraic thinking (especially representations of functions), b) mathematical discourse, and c) learning and teaching mathematics in classrooms with students who are bilingual, Latino/a, and/or English learners. Her research examines student understanding of algebraic and graphical representations of functions, mathematical discourse practices, and conceptual change in mathematics. She has conducted research in middle and high school mathematics classrooms with a large number of Latino/a students. Her recent publications focus on the relationship between language and learning mathematics and on analyses of mathematical discussions among bilingual Latino/a students.

Dr. Moschkovich received her PhD from UC Berkeley, Department of Education in Mathematics Science and Technology (EMST). Before coming to UCSC in 1999, she was a lecturer at UC Berkeley, a Researcher at IRL (Institute for Research on Learning) in Palo Alto, and a Project Director at TERC in Cambridge, MA. At IRL she collaborated with MMAP (Middle School Mathematics through Applications) project, conducting research in mathematics classrooms. While at IRL she was awarded a National Science Foundation Research Planning Grant and a National Academy of Education (NAE/Spencer) Postdoctoral Fellowship. She also worked at TERC, collaborating with the Cheche Konnen project and as Principal Investigator on the NSF research project “Mathematical discourse in bilingual settings: Teaching and learning mathematics in two languages.” She is also a former mathematics instructor (San Francisco State University, USF Upward Bound Program, and UCSC Yo Puedo Programs).

In addition to published articles and book chapters, she is the editor of the book “Language and mathematics education: Multiple perspectives and directions for research” (2010), co-editor with K. Tellez and M. Civil of the book “Latinos/as and mathematics education: Research on learning and teaching in classrooms and communities” (2011), and co-editor, with M. Brenner, of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME) monograph, “Everyday and academic mathematics: Implications for the classroom” (2002).

She has served as a reviewer for manuscripts, on journal editorial panels, review boards, conference committees, and advisory boards. She served on the Editorial Panel for the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, the Review Board for the Journal for the Learning Sciences, and as Chair for the AERA SIG-Research in Mathematics Education from 2004-2006. She served as co-editor of a Canadian Journal for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education Special Issue on “Equitable access to participation in mathematical discussions: Looking at students’ discourse, experiences, and perspectives” (2011) and as a member of the Editorial Panel for a Special Issue on Equity of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (2008-2011). She serves on the Review Board for the Journal of the Learning Sciences and on the International Program Committee of the International Council for Mathematics Instruction (ICMI) Study #21 titled “Mathematics education and language diversity,” charged with organizing a working conference and producing an edited volume on the topic.

Dr. Moschkovich was Co-PI for CEMELA (Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as) a Center for Learning and Teaching funded by NSF from 2004 to 2011. Dr. Moschkovich is a founding partner of “Understanding Language” (, an initiative focusing on the role of language in subject-area learning and ways to support English Language Learners to meet the Common Core State Standards. She also serves on the leadership committee of the initiative's Mathematics Work Group..