Love Without Borders

Interracial Relationships


Published April 24, 2019

"What can a white man give you? You're going to be treated like a maid at his house! Be careful! Is it a fetish? Why are you with someone who's ancestors destroyed and belittled everyone? You're not going to be as happy as if you would be with someone of your same race."

  • Don't listen to the hateful remarks.
  • People always have something to say!
  • Sometimes people genuinely don't understand that love is love
  • Here are some steps to help you when you encounter a similar situation!

    1. Take a deep breath
    2. Assess the situation
    3. Decide whether you feel comfortable enough to explain to them how your relationship works.
    4. Before the conversation ends tell them Love is the most dangerous weapon if one has it there's no knowing what one can achieve!

    IF this doesn't work then these are other options:

  • Hit them in the head until they agree with you!
  • Take their lunch money... You can then take your partner out to a nice restaurant
  • Force them to watch cute picture of you and your partner until they die.

    Written by Jennifer Molina
    Some of the solutions are obviously exaggerated. Please don't try this...unless you want to.